Coming March 2023Turn a career crossroad into a launchpad for building a life you love

Embark on an evidence-based path towards living a life of purpose. Using powerful steps and transformative tools, experience an extraordinary shift in vision and direction, leading to unprecedented career clarity and confidence.

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For Career Seekers

You've been there and done that

You’ve completed the career quiz (three times!), and learned you would make a good waste management employee (garbage truck driver or bust!).

You’ve worked the 9-5 and given your best to building someone else's dream.

You’ve even asked google what you should do with your life - or how to get where you want to go.

But at the end of the day, all of those have only made you feel more overwhelmed and anxious about the future and your path into the unknown.

Deep within you there's a longing for something powerful - something worth giving your life to. But what does it mean and how do you get there?

Enter Skillfyre

Career Exploration Designed For You

Skillfyre is a unique career exploration experience designed to help you tune in to your inner compass and find the answers you need.

Informed by evidence-based data and career exploration tools you won’t find anywhere else, you’ll soon have a new sense of excitement, confidence and direction.

Join the alpha version of this live explorative experience!

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Our Story

About Skillfyre

“What I need is enough confidence to commit to a path, knowing I’m headed in the right direction.” - Skillfyre User

Skillfyre started with a simple premise: every person has unique gifts and deserves to live a life they love.

Skillfyre was founded by Angela Payne and Erin Mwanje, passionate educators who have always dreamed of supporting people in living lives of meaning. In the summer of 2020 the duo asked the question, “how can we use our knowledge of how people learn coupled with human-centered design to improve the world around us?” After countless Google Meets and a few in-person design thinking sessions, Skillfyre was born.

Tragically, Angela passed away in a head-on collision with an impaired driver just weeks after those initial brainstorming sessions began. But her incredible drive, and deep-hearted mentoring spirit lives on, not just in the name of our company, but in the telos and purpose of Skillfyre.

If you feel something special as you explore and experience Skillfyre, that’s part of the magic of Angela that has lived beyond her journey here on earth. Her deepest wish was to “pay it forward” in helping others find the happiness and purpose in life that she had found. We hope that no matter what brought you here, you find those same things on your journey with us.

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